” I contributed 90% To Feffe Bussi’s Music” DJ Jacob Omutuuze 


Renowned media personality Jacob Akunguzibwe, popularly known as DJ Jacob Omutuuze, has ignited a heated debate by asserting his significant role in rap sensation Frank Mukiiza’s, known as Feffe Bussi, rise to fame, claiming a staggering 90% contribution to his music career.

The verbal exchange unfolded as DJ Jacob, formerly of Dembe FM’s Africa Koona show, aired grievances over Feffe Bussi’s alleged mistreatment of friends and fellow artists. Feffe Bussi’s revelation during a recent media appearance shed light on a rift between the two, recounting DJ Jacob’s ban on airing his songs for years after a dispute over a late arrival and non-performance at one of DJ Jacob’s events, which allegedly lacked compensation.

Feffe Bussi’s claims of DJ Jacob’s punitive actions stemmed from his refusal to apologize, which further escalated tensions between the two. The spat escalated when Feffe Bussi questioned DJ Jacob’s credibility as a DJ, labeling him a ‘wannabe’ and criticizing his relationship advice despite personal shortcomings in romantic endeavors.

In response, DJ Jacob dismissed Feffe Bussi’s remarks, asserting his seniority in the industry and chiding the rapper for ignorance of his DJ skills, which supposedly predate Feffe Bussi’s career. DJ Jacob urged Feffe Bussi to concentrate on preparations for his upcoming concert, scheduled for May 18th, 2024, at Jahazi Pier, Munyonyo, emphasizing the need for focus amidst the brewing controversy.



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