Swangz Avenue To Sue Bizzy Nateete  For Defamation And Significant Damage Inflicted On Winnie Nwagi’s Reputation


In a show of solidarity, notable figures including Karole Kasita, Jackie Chandiru, and Judith Heard have voiced their support for fellow star Winnie Nwagi amidst ongoing allegations by rising singer Bizzy Nateete regarding the paternity of her daughter.

For the past week, Bizzy Nateete, a relatively unknown artist, has been spreading unfounded claims suggesting that he is the father of Winnie Nwagi’s daughter, Destiny Mirembe.

According to Nateete, he had a past relationship with the Swangz Avenue singer, resulting in the birth of their child. However, he alleges that he has been denied access to the teenager.

Initially disregarding the allegations, Nwagi has now responded, threatening legal action against Nateete.

In a statement released via social media by Nwagi’s label Swangz Avenue, the claims were denounced as “completely baseless” and false. Nwagi intends to pursue legal action against Nateete for defamation and the significant damage inflicted upon her reputation.

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Swangz Avenue notice

“We are actively pursuing legal action against the false claims made by Bizzy Nateete. This situation has caused distress and bullying towards my daughter at school, which is unacceptable,” the statement reads.


Judith Heard commended Nwagi’s decision to take legal action, stating that it sets an example for those seeking attention by spreading baseless rumors about celebrities.

Karole Kasita also praised Nwagi’s resilience in handling the situation with composure. Various other celebrities and netizens have weighed in on the matter, expressing their opinions on the unfolding developments.



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