EMMANUEL LWASA: Its not me in the viral Sex Video!


The newest talk around town is the newly leaked sex video that has made news on the internet. In just a short period of time, this video has gone viral and it is blowing up the Internet so fast. According to Netizens, they are quite convinced that the man they have laid eyes on in the video is the city tycoon Lwasa

According to their arguments, some are saying it is surely his body structure and it is also his head shape that is seen in the video and besides, the skills displayed in the video give off the years of experience the man has in sex while others argue that Lwasa can not be that talented despite the fact that he has been branded a sex machine because of all the women he has bedded. Some section of Netizens believes that he is too old to have such smooth moves and flexibility as shown off in the video.


However nuch this video runs for only a period of one minute, it has left many mouths watered and Netizens unsettled. In the video, the gentleman does not show his face clearly as it is deeply burried in his partner’s ‘punani‘. He displays a level of skill as he goes down on her, making her writhe underneath him like a worm seeking for solace in the cold earth.

It does not stop there as he gets his face out of her ‘pum pum‘ and goes on his knees, performing magic on her with his wand. The screams of pleasure are evidence that the man in the video is good at what he does and his flexible movements leave many wondering what kind of human can do all that.

Lwasa with wife Angel

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, City tycoon Lwasa denied all the claims that he is involved in this video, mentioning that he did not take part in it. He bragged about his money and how much he did not need anything because he had his money with him. He went ahead to urge anyone who had the sex video and wanted to circulate it to go ahead because he simply doesn’t care as he wasn’t in the video in question.


I am a rich man. If I want money, I just go to my account and withdraw what I want to use. All my businesses are bringing in money. If the issue of the video is of help and educative to children then so be it. I don’t mind if you decide to circulate that video because that man in that video was not me.” Said Lwasa.



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