Eddy Kenzo’s Baby Mama Phiona Nyamutoro Speaks Out On Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain


Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development (Minerals), Phiona Nyamutoro, has opened up about her post-pregnancy journey, revealing a weight gain of 10kg.

Responding to a query on social media about weight loss secrets, Nyamutoro candidly shared her personal experience, acknowledging her recent increase in weight.

She attributed her weight gain to the natural process of childbirth and emphasized her reliance on exercise to shed the extra pounds.

Meanwhile, singer Eddy Kenzo confirmed rumors about their relationship and the birth of their child during Eid al-Fitr celebrations. Kenzo revealed that they had kept their relationship private, with only a select few aware of it until now.

Addressing inquiries about marital ceremonies, Kenzo clarified that such formalities had already taken place, highlighting their desire for privacy in their personal affairs.

The revelation of their relationship came to light due to Nyamutoro’s cabinet appointment, which thrust her into the public eye. Kenzo expressed that without the inauguration event, their relationship might have remained undisclosed for years.

Nyamutoro’s inauguration as Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development marked a significant milestone, with Kenzo attending the ceremony as her guest. Following the event, Kenzo publicly congratulated Nyamutoro on her new role, showcasing their apparent close relationship.


Reports suggest that Nyamutoro has been involved in Kenzo’s music career, indicating their collaborative efforts in recent years, including her participation in the Eddy Kenzo music festival at Kololo Independence Grounds.



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