Sheikh Umar Demands Public Apology from Grace Khan to End Continuous Struggles


Controversial figure Sheikh Umar has issued a strong plea to troubled songstress Grace Khan, urging her to extend a public apology to him or risk prolonged turmoil in her life.

Sheikh Umar emphasized the necessity of a public apology from Grace Khan for her negative remarks, which he claims have tarnished his reputation, brand, and standing.

In a recent interview, Sheikh Umar asserted that he had placed a curse on Grace Khan, alleging that she had been afflicted by demons acquired from a specific traditional healer. He maintained that unless she humbles herself and seeks forgiveness, she will remain in a state of unrest.

Highlighting Grace Khan’s attempts to seek refuge, Sheikh Umar revealed that she initially turned to Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s church for solace, but subsequently sought assistance from Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula after facing rejection.


Sheikh Umar asserted his unique ability to resolve Grace Khan’s issues, boasting of his role in facilitating the separation between Grace Khan and Kojja Kintosa at the behest of Kintosa’s family.

Additionally, Sheikh Umar called upon others who have allegedly maligned him to extend apologies, expressing his willingness to forgive. He mentioned a list of public figures, including former Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga and OS Suuna, whom he claims to have similarly cursed.



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