Ray G Talks About How He Push His Music From Mbarara To Kampala


Ray G, whose music has traversed regional boundaries and captured the hearts of listeners nationwide, recently divulged the journey behind his extraordinary musical reach and success. He reflects on how he has managed to market himself beyond the confines of the western region.

Attributing his success to the unwavering support of his fans, many of whom he has never met, Ray G acknowledges feeling fortunate and blessed. Through his soulful melodies and relatable lyrics, he has struck a resonant chord with listeners from diverse backgrounds and regions.

Crucial to Ray G’s ascent to fame has been the backing from the media. By strategically releasing his music and engaging with DJs and promoters, he ensures that his songs receive widespread airplay across the country. This exposure has enabled him to broaden his audience and garner recognition beyond his local scene.


Ray G adopts a simple yet effective approach to promoting his music, distributing his songs across various platforms to make them easily accessible to fans everywhere. Collaborating closely with DJs and promoters, he ensures that his music receives the exposure it deserves. This strategic promotion has been instrumental in his ability to transcend regional boundaries and achieve nationwide popularity.

Reflecting on his journey, Ray G humbly states, “People have embraced my music even before I had the chance to meet them. I consider myself not as someone special, but as someone immensely blessed by the love and support of fans, the media, and everyone involved. I don’t have a specific marketing budget, but the people who love me have propelled my music forward regardless.”



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