Former Miss Uganda Zuena Kirema Returns To University Confirms Bebe Cool.


In her teenage years, Zuena Kirema’s path diverged from conventional education when she crossed paths with Bebe Cool, igniting a captivating love story that transcended time. With five children and a splendid home, the duo epitomized the essence of a power couple. Yet, for Zuena Kirema, a former Miss Uganda beauty pageant contestant, the journey was far from complete.

In a recent revelation by Bebe Cool, it was disclosed that Zuena had embarked on a journey back to academia, pursuing higher education at the university level. While the specifics of her course remain undisclosed, Bebe Cool expressed pride in her commitment, noting that she is currently in her inaugural year and deeply engrossed in her studies.

Bebe Cool shared this revelation during an intimate conversation with Juliana Kanyomozi on the premiere episode of her YouTube show ‘The Sit Down With Juliana’. Reflecting on their shared aspirations, Bebe Cool emphasized Zuena’s desire for financial, economic, and social independence, which led her back to the academic realm.


Recalling Zuena’s response to queries about her return to education, Bebe Cool conveyed her laughter and succinct explanation. Despite their material success, Zuena harbored personal aspirations and a quest to bolster her self-esteem, a sentiment that Bebe Cool wholeheartedly supported.

“People have some things they want to do for themselves, and I know that one is now to complete her own self-esteem. That’s all. I want to see her happy,” remarked Bebe Cool, encapsulating his unwavering support for Zuena’s pursuit of personal fulfillment.



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