Uganda Police Address News Surrounding Singer Fik Gaza Arrest .


The Uganda Police have stepped forward to address the recent controversy surrounding the arrest situation involving popular singer Fik Gaza. Contrary to initial reports, the police clarified that Fik Gaza himself has not been taken into custody. However, it has come to light that a group of individuals associated with the singer has been implicated in a string of theft incidents in the Munyonyo area.

Following numerous complaints from victims, the Kibuye Police initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter. Consequently, ten of Fik Gaza’s associates have been apprehended in connection to the crimes and are currently undergoing questioning at the Kibuye Police Station. Legal action is anticipated against these individuals for their involvement in the thefts.

In response to this development, the police have seized the opportunity to issue a stern warning to musicians and other public figures, urging them to steer clear of criminal activities. They underscored the importance for musicians to safeguard their reputations and exhorted individuals within the entertainment industry to uphold a clean record and exemplify responsible citizenship.


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