Daudi Mugema Pleads For Help From Bobi Wine For Cancer Treatment .


Daudi Mugema, the former lead singer of Kream Production band, finds himself in a critical health condition, grappling with stage one cancer that originated from torture during his arrest in 2018. The troubles began when Mugema and producer Jonah were detained at their Makindye studios, later moved to Kireka, in connection with his politically charged song “Wuumula,” performed during Dr. Kizza Besigye’s 2016 political campaigns.

Having been a prominent figure in Besigye’s campaigns alongside the late Adam Mulwana, Mugema’s life took a harsh turn during his detention. Recounting the ordeal, he reveals being tortured, including soaking his legs in harmful substances that eventually led to the development of cancer.

Despite seeking medical treatment over the years, Mugema’s health has only worsened, attributing the complications solely to the torture he endured. Expressing gratitude to fellow artists such as Eddy Kenzo, David Lutalo, Lule Pakalast, and Dr. Kwefulukuta, he acknowledges their support during this challenging period.

In a plea for assistance, Mugema appeals to National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known as Bobi Wine, urging him to provide financial aid for improved medical care, possibly from a country with superior health services. He requests Bobi Wine to leverage his global influence by sharing his plight on social media platforms, believing that such exposure might prompt public assistance.

“I request Bobi Wine to come and help me. I faced health complications due to my desire for change, and if he shares my situation on his platforms, asking Uganda to assist me, they might offer their help,” says Daudi Mugema.



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