Salvado Speaks Out About The Financial Realities of Ugandan Comedy And The Dilemma Of Local Promoters.


In the dynamic realm of Ugandan comedy, Salvado emerges as a standout figure, celebrated for his uproarious performances and captivating stage presence, earning acclaim both domestically and internationally.

During a recent interview with Kasuku Live, Salvado delved into the financial intricacies of comedy shows in Uganda, boldly asserting that his fee is beyond the reach of local promoters.

Salvado openly acknowledges that his asking price may be considered steep by Ugandan standards. However, he contends that his fee is commensurate with the value he brings to the stage, factoring in his extensive experience, undeniable talent, and widespread popularity.

While this financial stance may present challenges for some local promoters, Salvado insists it is a just reflection of his standing as an artist. Notably, he draws attention to the stark contrast between the compensation he commands in Uganda and the significantly higher rewards he receives for international performances. This divergence underscores his global demand and recognition.


Despite the monetary considerations, Salvado underscores that his participation in Ugandan comedy shows is not solely motivated by financial gain. He expresses a genuine commitment to supporting the local comedy scene and uplifting fellow comedians.

“Each time you see me on Ugandan comedy shows performing, please note that it’s usually out of support for my fellow comedians, not because of money,” Salvado declares.

He also sheds light on his target audience, emphasizing an executive market that prefers exclusive settings over traditional bars. Salvado notes that this preference for venues like Serena or Kololo, though appreciated by his audience, poses a financial challenge for many Ugandan promoters, making it economically impractical.

In navigating the delicate balance between financial expectations, market preferences, and industry support, Salvado’s insights shed light on the evolving landscape of Ugandan comedy.



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