Azawi Contests AI Version Featuring Mowzey Radio Citing Impact on Song’s Originality and Career.


On February 14, 2024, Swangz Avenue singer Azawi dropped her latest single “Masavu,” drawing inspiration from a popular national slogan. However, her excitement was dampened when an AI-generated version of the song surfaced, now featuring the late Mowzey Radio.

Azawi expressed her frustration, asserting that this AI rendition has adversely affected the authenticity of her track and, consequently, her career. She fears that some listeners may misconstrue her work as either a mimicry of Mowzey Radio’s style or an unauthorized use of his recordings.

Recalling similar incidents in the past, Azawi mentioned Alien Skin, who faced mislabeling due to mistaken identity in genre categorization.

While acknowledging the unique touch Mowzey Radio’s voice brought to her song, Azawi underscored the importance of respecting original composers and preserving artistic integrity.


Intent on addressing the issue, Azawi intends to explore legal avenues or engage in direct dialogue with the AI creator. Despite potential revenue streams, she emphasized that maintaining the song’s credibility outweighs financial gains.

Azawi concluded by affirming her copyright ownership of “Masavu” and her entitlement to all associated royalties, but emphasized the need to protect the song’s integrity amidst this controversy.



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