Lynda Ddane is Broke & bragging On family property – Close Source

On Monday, this website reported about how KFM and NTV The Beat presenter and Lynda Ddane had paraded off a yet to be finished hotel which she intends to open by March this year and everyone was questioning on where the curvy and beautiful media personality had gotten that “too much” money to set up such a facility but now a close source states that she’s bragging with family property.


The new hotel is valued at over a billion and questions about her source of financing have been popping up yet her only known source of income is gigs and the KFM plus NTV job. Two years ago, it was reported that the frontline soldiers at NTV earn UGx 1Million monthly and this comes after six months work without pay as the station hides behind training the reporter and among the high earners include Andrew Kabuura who doubles as the Sports Editor, Faridah Nakazibwe the head of “Akawungeezi” aswell as Josephine Karungi and Frank Walusimbi.

Faridah Nakazibwe is paid UGx 5Million without NSSF and taxes. This comes along with free manicure and pedicure, free food, transport and wardrobe restricted to work duties. Also apparently, only Daggy Nyce has a contract among the hosts of NTV the Beat and he receives UGx. 900,000 free of tax and NSSF monthly. All the above proves that Lynda doesn’t have any financial muscle whatsoever to put up such an investment.



“The hotel building belongs to her, but the money is from the family. Her father is very rich and he’s the one funding everything,” a source said. The hospitality industry is no stranger to celebrity investors. Some celebrities are open and public about their investments. After all the name recognition of a popular celebrity, as well as the possibility of a star sighting, can be a big draw for a range hospitality and tourism businesses such as clubs, restaurants, and hotels. Other stars, on the other hand, prefer to stay in the background as largely silent partners.



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