Eddy Kenzo Should Set Up A Rehab Cèntre To Help Musicians With Mental Issues.


A video circulating on social media depicting singer Weasel Manizo seemingly under the influence of an unidentified substance has ignited a storm of reactions, with prominent figure Mc Kats among the latest to speak out.

Various stakeholders in the entertainment industry have expressed their disapproval and are calling for decisive measures to be taken.

In response to Martha Kay’s post on X platform, Mc Kats disclosed that the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), led by Eddy Kenzo, had received substantial funding intended to support the industry.

Mc Kats proposed that these funds should have been allocated towards establishing rehabilitation centers to aid musicians grappling with substance abuse issues.


However, Mc Kats expressed disappointment, revealing that the federation members had reportedly diverted over 13 billion shillings towards acquiring properties and other non-essential items.

Emphasizing the urgent need for action, Mc Kats stressed that the establishment of rehabilitation centers would have been the most impactful contribution to the industry.

The situation deeply saddens Mc Kats, particularly seeing an artist of Weasel’s caliber, who once proudly represented the country at the BET Awards, now grappling with drug-related challenges.



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