LYDIA JAZMINE: Stop match-Making me with Artistes I dont Love!


Musician Lydia Nabawanuka alias Lydia Jazmine has decided to fire back at the wedding pressure from the public. This is after she has severally been match-made with several musicians such as Grenade Official, Fik Fameica, Eddy Kenzo among others.

The latest has seen fans couple her up with Eddy Kenzo. Some have gone ahead to tell the two to date each other and end up getting married. This is however a rumor that hasn’t just started today but a while back as the two are worryingly close. Reacting to these rumors last week, Kenzo said that as musicians, they have an unbreakable bond which makes people to insinuate otherwise.


Jazmine was also questioned about the same rumors. This didn’t seem to please her forcing her into a rant. She questioned why fans always feel entitled to celebrities’ lifestyles. The Masukka singer said that these fans should know their limits and stop interfering in other people’s lives. Just like how these artistes don’t dictate their fans lifestyle.

“We love our fans but they should stop trying to influence how we live our lives. We are also people like them and have our own choices. People are always on our neck telling us to get married, to give birth, to do this. We know what we want. So, please don’t force your views on us. Just like how you don’t see us in your homes trying to influence you,” Jazmine said.

The songstress is among the many that fans feel should get married, start a family and have children. Despite having been on the music scene for close to a decade, Jazmine is yet to show off a man. Artistes such as Spice Diana, Sheebah Karungi, Winnie Nwagi have seen their fans demand them for men and families as well.



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