GRAVITY OMUTUJJU: I Deserve The Artist Of The Year Award


Local rapper, Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju, has come out to brag about how he’s been the most outstanding musician this year. And for that reason, he deserves the artist of the year gong.

The Tusimbudde singer humorously said that he deserves both the female and male best artist awards. According to Gravity, there have been just a few artists with just a few hits. And for his case he’s heard about 5 hit songs. Some of the artists he named with hit songs include Chameleone’s Forever, David Lutalo’s Kabisi kandagala, King Saha’s Zakayo plus Lusuku lwa seminti by Ronald Alimpa.

“Without being disrespectful to my fellow musicians, no one has really been better than me this year. I had 5 hit songs such as Tusimbudde, Big Boys, Ani Alina Enene, centre with Kapa Cat and Wacha Maneno. For that reason I deserve the artist of the year award both male and female,” said Gravity.

This comes at the height of his concert which is slated for 1st October at Lugogo Cricket Oval. It will be the fourth time that the singer is staging a concert at the Oval and he’s always sold the venue out. Gravity also threw some shade at Bebe Cool. The two haven’t been the best of friends despite having released a project together called Kerekere.


Gravity said that Bebe Cool filled his ‘Golden Hearts’ concert at Kololo Independence Grounds with tents. The Gagamel boss then came out to brag that he had filled the venue but then partitioned it into smaller pieces.



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