Fans divided over Pinky’s fast rising career in Music


Fans have been divided over Team No Sleep’s Pinky’s quick success in music. Some have said she will not make it in the music industry given the way she looks while others say that doesn’t matter at all.

Supporters of Sheebah especially are saying they are only counting days until she actually is no more in the industry. Some even went ahead to say Jeff Kiwa is crazy to think Pinky can become anything.

IMG 4781
Pinky and Jeff

If Jeff Kiwa is the same person who has been managing Sheebah and thinks that pimple figured creature can do anything to out-shine Sheebah. He’s really sick or out of his sense –  a one Get hyped tweeted.

However, some said if it is about looks, then Sheebah shouldn’t have made it as well. Initially, Sheebah while Jeff managed her, her looks were a daily topic because she didn’t apparently look appealing. As time went on though, the artist evolved into a beauty queen that most girls want to look like now.

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Sheebah Karungi

We called Sheebah by the same acronyms before jeff jetted in.. Tym may betray u bro…nd besided..its the voice not yo figure tht sings…. If u can churn out such a voice in a (pimpled figure) trust me the sky will not even be her limit – a fan reacted!


On the other hand, some say people who are hyping Pinky’s voice have probably not heard beautiful voices before. Some fans have been claiming Pinky’s voice is far much better than Sheebah’s while others say they sound alike.

image 13

If we are to judge by the song we heard though, truly Sheebah and Pinky sound so alike. We don’t know whether that was the intention of Jeff to create some attention for Rahmah Pinky.



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