Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa Sent Behind Bars Over Selling Fake Gold


Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has a way of always courting controversy that keeps him in the limelight which is at times undeserving. After producing one of the biggest controversies of last year, Lwasa is at it again. This time, however, it is a serious case involving the selling of fake gold.

His accuser, a one Jeff said that on the 2nd of December 2021, he had a transaction with Lwasa worth 60,000 US dollars. Lwasa was meant to deliver gold to him but instead sold him fake gold. The buyer said that he looked for Lwasa in vain till he came out clean and pledged to deliver the genuine product. However, since then, he started avoiding Jeff’s entourage and phone calls. They however tracked him down and arrested him yesterday in Mityana.

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Consequently, Jeff added that all he wants is his money and will keep him locked up till he coughs it up. Jeff however said that Emmanuel Lwasa is broke these days and has lots of debts. This is why they sent him behind bars.

“We did a transaction with Lwasa on the 2nd of December 2021 worth 60,000 dollars. He was supposed to deliver gold to us but instead delivered fake products. When we realized it, we contacted him and he came out clean and promised to deliver the genuine product. However, since then, he has been hiding and dodging our calls. We were connected to him by someone who trusts him. Lwasa has also been in the business for long working with a company called TransEquator mines reason we trusted him.” Jeff said.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire confirmed this arrest. Owoyesigire said that Lwasa is currently kept at CPS as they look into these allegations and hunt his accomplices who are on the run.CC:NewslexPoint



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