CINDY SANYU: It Feels Like It’s Me Against Entire Industry


When it comes to music, dancehall singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy ‘s talent is undoubted. She is in fact one of the best and great stage performers that a few locally can match.

IMG 20220411 WA0038
Cindy being Nominated to run for UMA Presidency recently

However, her stint at the helm of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) has cast some doubt over her leadership abilities. Through her Facebook page, the Boom Party singer revealed that she feels like it’s her against the entire industry. She however feels like God is on her side and she will pass through whatever is ahead of her.

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Cindy’s Post

Cindy took over the presidency of UMA from Ykee Benda who stepped down two years ago. She came in at a time when the music industry was dormant and under lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There was little she could do but did what she managed to do and many people learned about the association under her stint. However, despite all her efforts, she’s facing a lot of opposition from fellow singers. This was hugely exhibited during the recent launch of the UMA election campaign trail.

Cindy Sanyu ventures into bridal outfits as her new side business

Cindy who will face stiff competition from King Saha for the presidency received endorsement from lesser-known artists. Most of the big artists endorsed King Saha as the majority said that they had gained nothing from Cindy’s time.



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