Zahara Totto Speaks Out On Alleged Exit From Next Media.


On Friday 15th March 2024, reports made rounds alleging that Zahara Totto a.k.a DJ Zato had been shown the exit door at the Naguru-based Next Media station.

The reasons that were reported to have led to her firing were allegedly related to misbehavior, bad conduct, turning up on the daily UnCut show while drunk, and having an outburst with one of her show producers. Reports further swirled alleging that Zahara had been warned several times to step up or else face the axe, adding that she was on her last warning according to the insiders at the station.

By the time the allegations were made, no official statement had been issued by the media outlet and Zahara Totto decided not to respond immediately to the allegations.

She took her ample time to address the reports and came out in the best way expected, not disappointing her followers.

She blasted individuals who made and spread the allegations saying ‘dogs were fed with false information’ as she had the last laugh at all her haters who wanted to see her out of Next Media.

Dogs were fed with false information to shade my name and they all came out barking! Y’all sound so pathetic! You didn’t make me, you will not break me! But anyway if you don’t talk about Zahara Totto who will know about your existence???




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