Fik Gaza Denies Sleeping With A Sugar Mummy Accusing Him Of Stealing Property.


On Thursday this week, we reported that dancehall musician Fik Gaza was wanted by the Uganda Police following a theft case reported against him by someone named Sultan, who happened to be his sugar mummy.

However, Gaza denied being in a relationship with her and said the woman was just an admirer due to his celebrity status.

He also denied stealing any property and revealed that he doesn’t support violence, nor has he ever threatened anyone.

“She is just one of the many sugar mummies who contact me. You know I am a celebrity, and there are those who wish to take advantage of me. All I have are my personal belongings, and I have never threatened anyone,” he said in an interview with a local television station.

Gaza also believes the lady might have been sponsored by his enemies to stifle his music career.



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