Weasel Manizo Accuses Swangz Avenue of Stealing Mowzey Radio’s Book and Allegedly Giving Songs to Azawi.


The remaining half of the Radio and Weasel Duo, singer Douglas Mayanja, also known as Weasel Manizo, has publicly accused Swangz Avenue of appropriating his late partner Mowzey Radio’s book and providing his songs to their artist Azawi.

In a series of cryptic social media posts, Weasel hinted at foul play without directly naming individuals. Online fans are speculating that Azawi and Swangz Avenue are the intended targets of his allegations, following the release of an AI-generated version of Azawi’s new song “Masavu,” which incorporated Mowzey Radio’s voice.

This AI collaboration has sparked concerns about Azawi’s credibility, especially among non-tech-savvy music consumers, who are now questioning the involvement of Radio’s hard disk in the production.

Taking the issue to Facebook, Weasel posted, “A Page from the Kings Book is missing and out there… (Akatabo: Rewrite the sentence)”—implying that there’s a missing part of Radio’s legacy.

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He further added, “Tujjeyo Demo? Oba Tubileke,” expressing his frustration and seeking clarity on the situation.

Screenshot 20240222 145226


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