Bobi Wine’s Documentary Receives Prestigious Political Film Award at Cinema For Peace Foundation Ceremony.


Renowned musician-turned-political activist Bobi Wine’s documentary, “The People’s President,” has been bestowed with the prestigious Dove for The Political Film of the Year by the Cinema For Peace Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

Cinema For Peace, a foundation dedicated to promoting peace and humanity through cinematic arts, hosted the ceremony, drawing influential figures such as former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the celebrated Bobi Wine.

Established in 2002, the Cinema For Peace awards have consistently recognized outstanding filmmakers and celebrated films that address critical humanitarian and environmental issues.

During this year’s ceremony held on Monday, February 19, 2024, Bobi Wine and fellow filmmakers were honored for their exceptional contributions.

In a heartfelt moment, Bobi Wine dedicated the award to all political prisoners in Uganda and every Ugandan working towards a better future. This recognition not only celebrates artistic excellence but also amplifies the voice of those advocating for positive change in Uganda.



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