We Recorded A Gospel Album With Late Mowzey Radio – Confirms Julius Kyazze of Swangz Avenue.


Kyazze, a close friend of the late Mowzey Radio, has disclosed details about a collaborative project they worked on before Radio’s untimely passing. According to Kyazze, he and Radio teamed up with Swangz Avenue to create a full gospel album, which is now in its final stages of preparation for release.

In an interview, Kyazze emphasized the depth of their friendship and creative partnership, highlighting their joint efforts on the gospel album. While acknowledging Radio’s extensive catalogue of unreleased music, Kyazze assured fans that their collaborative album would eventually see the light of day.

“I am sure Mowzey Radio has a lot of unreleased music with different producers. Particularly with us, we have a full album of his gospel songs, and it will be released one day,” Kyazze affirmed.

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The tragic passing of Mowzey Radio in February 2017 left a void in the music industry, but Kyazze’s commitment to honoring their collaboration offers a glimmer of hope for fans eager to hear new material from the beloved artist.



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