Hellen Lukoma Extends Love To Kataleya and Kandle Offers them Support And Advice.


Renowned musician and actress, Hellen Lukoma, has recently expressed her willingness to reconcile with fellow artists Kataleya and Kandle, as they navigate a challenging period of inactivity in the industry. Lukoma, displaying a gracious attitude, disclosed that she has forgiven the duo and is eager to engage in a constructive conversation.
In a candid interview with Spark TV, Lukoma empathetically acknowledged the struggles faced by Kataleya and Kandle, citing a desire to share her wealth of experience and insights with them. She firmly believes that, with the right support from fans and established female musicians, both artists can triumph even without traditional management structures.

“I don’t hold grudges for long. I have forgiven them and would like to meet them to offer some advice. They are just entering where I have been for years and need support to succeed. As women, I can support them,” Lukoma expressed during the interview.

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The hiatus of Kataleya and Kandle from the industry, lasting over three months, is rumored to be linked to disagreements with their respective management teams. Lukoma’s gesture of reconciliation and support highlights the importance of solidarity among female musicians, fostering an environment conducive to shared success in the dynamic entertainment landscape.



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