#WCW: ANNE KANSIIME – Uganda’s Queen Of Comedy


Just like music, the African comedy industry also is dominated by men. Mostly, when you think of African Comedy, you picture male comedians. This does not neglect the fact that women can garner some hearty chuckles from audiences and the person we are celebrating today is at the very forefront of the best to have ever done it. Her name is Anne Kansiime. If you haven`t heard of her then you probably don’t know anything about Uganda`s comic industry. She is probably East Africa`s best comedienne if not the whole of Africa.

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Born and bred in Kigezi, Ann is the proprietor of Kubby`s and Kansiime Backpackers also decided to air shot skits dubbed; “Don’t Mess With Kansiime” that depict things that happen in a typical human being`s life. It doesn’t really stop at being a comedienne, Ann is also a businesswoman with some ventures to her name. Ann attended Kabale Primary school, then Bweranyangi Girl`s Senior Secondary School, Bushenyi District for both O & A level before joining Makere University to study a Bachelor`s degree in Social Sciences.

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Kansiime began her acting career in 2007, while at Makerere University. She was a dramatist at Theater Factory, a drama group that staged their plays at the National Theater. Later, Theater Factory disintegrated and Ann joined Fun Factory, a group that could perform every Thursday evenings at the National theatre before the Covid outbreak that saw the Entertainment industry suspended.

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Also, Anne Kansiime hosted the MiniBuzz, a television series on NTV alongside Brian Mulondo. The duos were taxi conductors who interviewed passengers on random topics. Kansiime later in 2014 began posting her sketch comedy skits on YouTube and she received positive feedback. This motivated her to post more of such skits. Thereafter, Citizen TV based in Kenya, Uganda’s neighbour offered Kansiime a slot to air her skits once a week. This is how the “Don’t Mess with Kansiime” comedy show came about, she’s widely known with millions of views online. 



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