UMA ELECTION: Big Eye & Omukunja Atasera arrested at National Theatre


Following the canceled UMA elections that were slated for today, various artistes stormed the National Theatre claiming their denied victory.

Among those were Singer Big Eye, Rodney Y Kabako, and Omukunja Atasera. The trio together with other followers started a protest in the midst of Uganda Police that kept asking them to vacate the area!

Big Eye Being arrested ( Credit: Kayz )

Kabako shortly left the National Theatre premises leaving Omukunja Atasera, a candidate vying for General Secretary in the UMA Elections running left, right and Centre with the men in Uniform! The Police tried to ask him kindly to vacate the premises in vain, it was until the Theatre Police Commander Afande Lomo ordered for his arrest. He was forcefully arrested and taken to CPS police station in Kampala.

In a shocking turn of Events, BigEye who is a past leader under UMA was also arrested. Even after claiming he was at the Theatre to cool down the situation that had gone out of hand, the Police arrested him.

Omukunja Atasera being arrested ( Credit: Kayz )

The UMA General elections were put to halt by Hon. Betty Amongi, Minister of Gender late last week. The minister highlighted Legalities of policy board and Availability of Funds to factor in regional members amongst other issues in regards to the election organization that she advised must be put right before elections are held!



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