Singer Akothee shares Degree certificate on IG


Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, commonly known in entertainment circles as Akothee, has shown off her academic papers on social media. In a video on her Instagram stories, the self-proclaimed president of single mothers posted what appeared to be a Bachelor of Business Management degree from Mount Kenya University.

She then bragged: “I do not want to hear someone saying I do not have the (academic) papers. My mom won’t let me rest. Let me see my schoolmasters.”

The declaration comes three months after the 39-year-old businesswoman expressed the challenges of seeking education at an advanced age. “The things I’m struggling with at menopause,” she explained. “When I was supposed to be in school, I decided to be a wife. Now instead of being a wife, I am in school at old age. This life has no balance, waking up at 4:30am has become the norm. This is my year.” The Sweet Love hitmaker would later dedicate the Degree certificate to her mother. “But I must attain my Degree for my mom, so she is happy to have that graduation gown in her home.”

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Akothee has in the past shared how she struggled to make ends meet growing up as a young mother with kids. She then managed to enroll her children to some of the best schools and has never been shy to brag about that. “I am a mother of five and as much as I gave birth with mzungus (white men), they don’t support me fully, it’s only baba Oyoo, the young boy that is supporting his son, the four are mine and mine alone. I support my kids alone. My daughter Fancy Makadia is in Braeburn she is paying Sh800, 000 per term, the other two are in Strathmore you know how the school fees there is,” she said on NTV’s Wicked Edition.

Akothee’s move to make her academic papers comes at a time a number of prominent politicians, including Johnson Sakaja, Cleophas Malala and Wavinya Ndeti are facing questions on the legitimacy of their Degree certificates.



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