Former Ethics & Integrity Minister, Maria Matembe, has come out to sound a warning to all artistes that have made it a habit to sing while naked that this should stop.

While appearing on NBS TV’s After 5 random street interviews, the vocal Matembe said that music is a profession just like others. It can be used to promote values. Furthermore, Matembe expressed her dislike for such artistes that take to indecent dressing and dancing. She advised youths to use the profession positively and desist from the negative effects.

“I want to tell the youths that as they get entertained with music, they should remember that there are values. I don’t like these youths who just strip naked and dirty dance. Music is an art that can also be used as a profession and not just getting spoilt. So let them enjoy and dance but in the right way. I also used to dance and sing but not like a spoilt brat,” Matembe said.

However, with the current trend of artistes, it seems like this advice won’t be bought. Most of the mainstream female artistes have taken dirty dancing and indecent dressing a notch higher. From their lyrics to videos and social media lifestyle, there is nothing inspiring. And if they do sing probably a motivational song, it’s just a commercial to capture people.


The likes of Sheebah, Winnie Nwagi, Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine, Pia Pounds, Karole Kasita, Kataleya and Kandle, Kapa Cat are some of the names that lead this charge. Sexualization of their music and personas has indeed helped most of them to sell and remain relevant.

But well, nothing just beats hardwork, discipline coupled with talent. Artistes such as Rema, Juliana Kanyomozi and the more decent ones have been singers years ago still their songs are blasting through the speakers. Yet these bubblegum artistes who rely on nudity barely have songs that span more than a month.



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