Urban TV Closes Business After 13 Years


Urban TV, known for its vibrant and youth-focused content, has come to an end after thirteen years, according to sources within Vision Group, its parent company. We got wind of it first two days ago.


The news of Urban TV’s closure was first revealed by Robin Kisti, host of the evening lifestyle show “Short Circuit,” who bid farewell to viewers on social media.

In her message, Kisti expressed gratitude to viewers while acknowledging the channel’s closure and the end of their on-air presence.

The shutdown was swift, with Urban TV already stopping its broadcasts on certain carriers as of Thursday. Notably, on DStv, the channel’s previous slot (Channel 288) now airs content from TV West and later Bukedde TV.


The decision to close Urban TV reflects a broader trend within Vision Group, with insiders indicating that the move had been under consideration for some time.

Despite initial promise as a groundbreaking entertainment channel for youth, Urban TV struggled financially. Revenue declined since 2016, leading to multiple staff layoffs.

Efforts to refresh Urban TV’s programming, such as the “Celebrity Edition” news program, failed to improve its financial situation. Rising content creation costs added to the channel’s financial challenges, ultimately leading to its closure.



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