Top Trending celebrity couples of 2022


If there is anything a lonely man would love to run into, it’s love. As experts say, you don’t find love but love finds you, many people including celebrities have done the unthinkable just to get in the way of love. World over, celebrity relationships are known to be controversial. In Uganda, the intrusion of social media in-laws makes love hard for Celebrities. The former always feel opinionated when it comes to the latter’s choice of partners.

This however, has never stopped celebrities from loving, dating and getting married, like it is said that love can move mountains, listed are the top Ugandan celebrity couples of 2022 that have proven that love outweighs the limelight and everything that comes with it.

Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya

Age is just a number when it comes to the Zari and Shakib affair. With every moment that goes by, the South Africa based Ugandan socialite continues to prove that among the men she has dated, Lutaaya is the fairest. Zari, 42 and Shakib, 30 started dating early this year after she ended her relationship with another South Africa based Ugandan, GK Choppa and within just months, the mother of five has already met Shakib’s parents and the couple plans to officialise the relationship soon. The Lutaaya’s also hinted on having a baby/babies together.

Zari must be completely in love as she recently attacked members of society for having double standards when it comes to cross generation relationships between men and women.

So much has been said but the couple is still walking the talk. Nevertheless, social media in-laws are waiting for both the good and bad news come 2023.

Rema Namakula and Hamza Ssebunya

IMG 20221217 WA0071 1
Rema and Hamza pose for a picture

Four years later, songbird Rema Namakula and hubby Dr. Hamza Ssebunnya still have the last laugh. Even when their marriage was reported to be on the edge, they bounced back with beautiful pictures of their daughter Aaliyah’s first birthday which they followed with a fourth anniversary photoshoot.

During an interview at the fire baby concert, the ngonze hit maker said unlike music, marriage has always been her biggest dream. Rema is probably living many young women’s dreams. Like a saying goes; if you can’t beat them, join them, the “team it will end in tears” have resorted to tapping on her blessing.

Anita Annet Among and Moses Magogo

IMG 20221217 WA0069
Eng. Magogo feed Among on her birthday

From officialising their relationship to marching outfits, the speaker of parliament Anita Annet Among this year set the bar high when she gifted her husband Hon. Moses Magogo with a brand new Range Rover as a birthday gift.

Female quick learners took notes and stopped gifting their partners with undergarments and socks.

Magogo also took revenge with a brand new Range Rover with AAA3 custom license plates.

Suzan Makula and Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

IMG 20221217 WA0070

Even when their relationship has been surrounded by controversies, House of Prayer Ministries Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and companion Suzan Makula’s love continues to blossom. In the recent pictures shared on social media, the couple looks younger.

Driven by the power of love, Pastor Aloysius also gave his last name to Makula’s first born Phellan Bugingo.

The failure to celebrate their love in a white wedding has never stopped them from being authentic with their feelings as the city pastor continues to throw Jabs at anyone who dares to attack his Makula.

Kabako and Dumuna

Kabako vals plans 680x380 1

When God said in Ephesians 5:33 that a man who loves his wife loves himself, He was talking about entertainer Roden Y Kabako. Kabako and his wife are a couple that loves, laughs and fights together.

Kabako always compliments his wife both on his social media and in the public. He must be the husband material big eye sings about in his latest song.

The love Kabako showers Dumuna has on many occasions left netizens’ tongues wagging. They say it is different when one marries their friend.

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

IMG 20221218 WA0038
Prima and Geosteady during the video shoot

When longtime lovers singer Geosteady and Prima Kardashi decided to call it quits, Prima immediately won herself the heart of Galaxy FM’s love expert Mr. Henry. Geosteady chose Hindu K, converted to Islam and also had a son.

However, despite Mr. Henry’s perfection and Hindu K’s calmness, socialite Prima Kardashi this year managed to find her way back into Geosteady’s arms. They have been everywhere proving to social media inlaws that even though new brooms sweep clean, it’s the old brooms that know all the dirty corners. Geosteady iced the reunion with sembera song where his babies mama prim is the vixen.

Precious Remmy and Bindeeba

1634715055557 edited

Media personality turned actress spent all the year trying to prove that Her and husband Raymond aka Cocktail are a match made from heaven.

The two had their official introduction ceremony this year and it has been a honeymoon after honeymoon between the two.

The relationship has also kind of elevated Remy’s status. She is one of the most sought after media personalities of 2022.

Other trending solid couples of the year include: Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi, Bebe Cool and Zuena, Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson, Cindy and Prince Joel Atiku, Sheila Gashumba and Rickman rick.



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