Aganaga attacks Sheebah: He calls her names and demands credit for songs he wrote for her


Sadat Mukiibi, alias Kalifah Aganaga,the CEO of Bad Character Management is so bitter with fellow singer and former TNS artist, Sheebah Karungi for various reasons including scrapping off Aganaga`s company(Bad Character) logo off the “Nkwata Bulungi(Bailamosi) video, a song that Aganaga claims to have written for Sheebah.

“I have kept this with me for close to a year in total agony when I wrote a hit called Bailamosi for Sheebah which made her money at a time when she had broke up with Jeff Kiiwa but only to reward me by removing my logo off the video yet it would serve me better as a writer for other artists to come and do business with me”, Aganaga partly says.

Aganaga continues to note that while Jeff Kiiwa was still managing Sheebah, they did business together on several occasion, where Aganaga could write for Sheebah songs and Jeff Kiiwa on top of paying for the songs, he could go ahead to credit Aganaga in the videos, something that Sheebah has failed to honour and Aganaga termed such a gesture as “total disrespect” and labelled Sheebah to be a highly “selfish” character.

Among the songs Aganaga has written for Sheebah besides Bailamosi are Nabaleka Emabega, Nakyuuka, Kale Maama featuring Chance Nalubega, Nkwata Bulungi among others and Aganaga says that these are the kind of songs that came at a point when Sheebah most needed them thus suggesting that the “Onkutudde” singer should have been highly appreciative of his efforts that have made Sheebah a star she is.

Interestingly as Spiners, we managed to extract an appreciation Instagram post by Sheebah she published on 14th May 2020 when she applauded Aganaga for inspiring the `Nakyuuka` song that had just dropped by then and its very evident that Aganaga on the post took the compliment and thanked Sheebah back.

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The Instagram post that Sheebah and Aganaga exchanged flowers.

Besides Aganaga being bitter for Sheebah not crediting him enough for his works she writes for her, He was also very frustrated and sickened that when Sheebah held her recent concert last week, she didn’t offer him a gig to come and perform.


Aganaga alleges that he even tried calling Sheebah to talk to her about that issue but she rather declined to pick up his calls, something that left him highly derailed.

At the time of writing this article, Sheebah was yet to come out to reply to Aganaga`s accusations but in typical oral folklore which we all grew up listening to, when two elephants fight, it is said that the grass beneath their giant feet bore the brunt of this battle, trampled to a whisper of their existence. However in the music not for the ripples of casualties left in their wake but rather, the world, when two elephant-sized stars like now Aganaga and Sheebah go at each other, it becomes unforgettable not for the ripples of casualties left in their wake but rather, the drama that unfolds which we cant wait to update you about.

You can watch Aganaga spill the beans about Sheebah via:



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