SPINERS @1: Celebrating 1 year of Crafting Meaningful stories


How time flies! One year ago, we launched this news website! We began our flow of news with a welcoming News post – and days later the site was heavily flowing with daily fresh content.

It’s making was a culmination of a rather insane several months in which a whole crew of people within the Entertainment industry, all burned countless hours to make this site a reality – through sharing ideas and knowledge of what kind of content would be crafted, different from whoever was in the market.

One year later, we’ve published over 1500 news articles and posts; published over 20 opinion pieces, 50 Reviews of both Music Audios and Videos, Events and Shows among other notable editorial marks. Notable to note is the unending breaking of Big Stories from within the sector, SPINERS took lead in making sense of stories in the wake of big discussions and events that shaped the Entertainment industry – The Famous Gulu Saga, A series of Stories Celebrating Moses Radio, Structuring of the Arts and Creative Sector, The famous and Controversial Uganda Musicians Association Elections, Ammendment of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act among many other top stories broken by this platform in its past year of existence.


In the one year, we have built campaign, promotional, Gossip, Events, Business, Travel, CSR, Innovation, Charity, and Lists pages on the platform which serves different interests of our ardent readers.

While at it, we integrated video and graphics plug-ins that showcased the amazing work our Chapters are doing, integrated social components (ex. our IoT page and Instagram), and pushed the limits of how many links any sane person should have on a page. We continue to be impressed by the beauty of our website outlook .… it all works great on mobile devices with a great appealing effect.

Now, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, of course, once in a while we have changed a few bits on the platform to suit the changing dynamics of content aswell as serving the interests of our readers which they share through feedback sent via the website.


But at this point, we can say that overall we are definitely pleased with both the front end you see as visitors – and the back end we use to administer the site.

We are NOT done yet!

Launching a news platfom one thing but living to the game of consistency on content delivery is another – quite a long journey. There are still many changes, content and new features we want to introduce – to better suit our readers satisfaction. We have a “Visual” feature we hope to be rolling out soon.

There is a great team of people who have helped make this happen over the past year, and we look forward to working with them and many others to see what we can do with this site over the next years. Notable among those include our content writers, Artistes, Creatives, Entertainment Industry stake Holders, Sources and most importantly our ardent readers.

We are still on the same code of Crafting Meaningful stories – Our goal is to deliver on that mission for the site.

SPINERS aims at becoming a leading driving News Force in the Entertainment world. We want to help you all who are reading this to work with us to help shape the future of our sector that is open, globally connected and secure.

What they Say about SPINERS

IMG 20230115 WA0000

Emma Carlos – SPINERS Content Creation Strategist

We thank God that we have achieved what we set out to achieve in our first year, which was to be identified as an online media portal that crafts meaningful stories. Our next plan is to roll out very interesting and  entertaining visual content. Our readers/viewers should brace themselves. Our advertisers should count on us to get their worth. Last but not least, I would like to thank the young dedicated and passionate team behind the brand SPINERS, the vision wouldn’t have been achieved without their creative input. Aluta continua.

20230115 113847

Kawalya Isaac Kayz – Entertainment TV Host

SPINERS is doing a good thing, they are organised that’s a matter of fact. The way they do craft their stories shows that the writers haven’t been compromised yet. It does what I exactly do, it reports facts as facts, the way they appear. My favorite product is the #ArtistOfTheMonth which credits best performing Artisteof the month. I think even the Artistes believe in it because they post those artworks and in most cases the choices aren’t doubted.

20230115 113818

Karole Kasita – Ugandan Singer

SPINERS is a very good website, doesn’t spread negativity, it’s professional. It just has to work even harder to penetrate further otherwise they have a good thing going on.

20230115 113829

DJ Nimrod – Celebrated DJ & Radio Host

SPINERS is a slick entertainment website where you can go for reviews, find out what is going on in showbiz, what is happening and what happened. You just need to get even more stories up there. So far, soo good!

20230115 113806

Alex Muhangi – Comedy Store CEO

You guys at SPINERS are doing soo well, you changed the vibe, just keep the vibe, just keep it up.

Moving Forward……

We extend our sincere thanks to our partners and advertisers – your contribution keeps us going, we await more collaboration even in the future. Special appreciation goes to MTN Uganda, Stanbic Bank, Total, Club Beer, Omziki, Events organizers – Talent Africa Group, Purple Party Uganda, Vumbula Uganda, Malembe Lifestyle, among others.

We welcome any comments and feedback on this site – you can email us at contact@spiners.net or leave them on our story comment sections. Thank you for visiting this site, sharing our information, taking action – and helping us all to #ShapeTomorrow through Crafting Meaningful Stories.



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