#MCM: MWOZEY RADIO – Celebrating the Month of Radio with exclusive content on the fallen legend!


On the 25th day of January in 1985, a Ugandan music legend was born.

Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, also commonly known as Mowzey Radio, sometimes simply referred to as Radio, was a Ugandan musician with a distinctive art in writing and singing. Blessed with extra impressive vocals, he was undoubtedly the main performer of the Ugandan formidable music duo group Goodlyfe Crew together with Weasel.

Mowzey Radio

Radio would be celebrating 37 years this year, but the man who gave Ugandan music so much life now lays lifeless at Nakawuka in Wakiso District, 6 feet under. Days after his 33rd birthday, the microphone magician was pronounced dead on the 1st of February in 2018 at Case Clinic in Kampala, Uganda, from a blood clot in his brain sustained in a bar brawl in Entebbe a few days earlier.

Mozey Radio is like ffene – Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news,  celebrity gossip, videos and photos

In a bid to celebrate this fallen legend, the whole editorial team at SPINERS has dedicated a whole month giving you exclusive content on the life of Moses Radio in his different shades. This period scheduled to run between January 14th and February 14th is dedicated to making sense of Mwozey Radio’s different personalities namely; Moses the DAD, Moses the LOVER, Moses the GIVER, Moses the SINGER, Moses the FRIEND, Moses the FIGHTER, Moses the SOLDIER, Moses the LEGEND, Moses the RICHBWOY, Moses the SONGWRITER but most importantly MOSES THE ANGEL THAT LIVED AMONGST US!

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In that regard, every Monday and Friday in the specified days, make it a point to log onto this platform via www.spiners.net to have a great read of exclusive content about Radio. It is now a few days to marking 4 years since the singer breathed his past, his friends, family, relatives and celebrities in Uganda and outside the country still celebrate the lyrical genius’ birth. He clearly only stopped breathing, but still lives within his immortal music.


Radio at the time of his death had up to 250 songs to his name, was a BET award nominee and one of Africa’s best vocalists and undoubtedly among Uganda’s all time best song writers with more than 400 songs written. He is a pillar that many rising and next generation artists still lean on and learn from as a key inspiration. May his soul rest in Peace!



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