Live performance defies Spice Diana

Spice Diana Performing at her concert/ courtesy photo

Last Friday evening, all roads led to Lugogo Cricket Oval for the much anticipated Spice Diana concert. It was her forth concert ever since she joined the music industry and her Maiden at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The magnificent 70-meter stage was constructed by ATS and had everyone urging musicians and event organisers to take notes. It was indeed a splendid moment that could only be crowned with not only Spice Diana’s “most beautiful legs”, attire from Thailand, unusual makeup, but also Namukwaya’s dulcet performance.

Before she could hit the stage her fans from the VIP section were already feeling left out with the sitting arrangements. They could not get a clear view of their star girl. Some fans from the ordinary section experienced the same.

Like it had been put in plan, the star girl was the curtain raiser for her concert but it was a complete disappointment from the audience. Her voice dragged her into the regular musicians and fans started comparing her vocal strength to Big Eye and Fresh Daddy.

As she wowed with her dancers, some of the attendees especially in the VIP section chose to start conversations.It was attributed to poor sound equipment. Others chose conversations because Spice Diana’s vocals were to fit for the star she is. It was a conversation about lyrics.

Besides that, she felt the love from fellow musicians and fans as the VIP and back stage was flooded with musicians. Some musicians who graced the stage included; David Lutaro, Big eye, King Michael, Sheebah Karungi, Mudra, Winnie Nwagi, Pastor Wilson Bugembe and Shakira Shakira.

Spiners tried to reach out to Spice Diana’s manager Roger Lubega and Bushington, the brain behind the stage but all efforts were futile.



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