Serena Bata defends Ex-lover Sipapa over his current Saga


Singer Serena Bata has come out to defend her ex-husband Charles Olim AKA Sipapa over the troubles hes.

Sipapa was a while ago together with his lactating wife and mother in-law sent behind bars over different counts alluding to theft. The group is accused of having connived to rob a South Sudanese national off a number of valuables and money amounting to Shs 1.7b. These were arrested after an iCloud signal led to their home. Sipapa’s mother in-law was released this week. He and his wife however saw their bail denied and are continuing to sweat plasma behind bars.

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While talking to Spark TV’s Livewire, Serena Bata said that she doesn’t know why people accuse Sipapa of being a renowned thug! Livewire, It’s widely known that Sipapa has been a thug together with his goons for many years. Its how he’s accumulated his wealth according to sources. However Serena Bata refuted this. She said that she didn’t observe anything dubious about Sipapa during their time together. The singer who had her career sponsored by Sipapa as she broke out to fame promised to go and check on him.

“I don’t know why people accuse him of some vices they say date a long way back. For the years I was with him, I saw nothing. What I know about him is that he’s a man who likes helping and has uplifted a number of those around him. I will spare some time and visit him. For now, I keep him in my prayers so that he gets released,” she said.

Serena spent 8 years married to Sipapa. They however parted ways last year on allegations of infidelity and domestic violence.



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