PINKY @18: Four Things to do Better as an Adult Artiste


“Turning 18 has been the most awaited moment in my life….Allahumudulillah for my new age…proudly a cancer…” are some of the words captioned on Pinky’s photos on Instagram as she celebrated her 18th birthday.

The TNS crew signed songstress is finally an adult! Adulting comes with challenges and hopefully Pinky is ready to face the wrath of it amidst the highly competitive music industry, one she chose to be part of!

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Many had a soft spot for her during her Genesis days in the industry simply because she was young, now that she’s grown we expect better everything. Below are the things we expect to be done better for Pinky the Adult Singer!

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Brand Identity

After joining the music industry, Pinky, real names Rahmah Nanyanzi was very much linked to fellow Songstress Sheebah Karungi. True to that, many confirmed that her voice sounded exactly like that of Sheebah. Whether that was a management or personal decision, both parties must solve this problem and create a unique identity for Pinky.

More Music… More Good Music

We expect more music, not just music but good music coming from the songstress. She has released a couple of songs in the previous past that didn’t work relatively well on the market. On a lighter note though, we credit her for her latest project “Picha” with Grenade Official, its doing well and we hope to get more of such in the time to come!

Brand Independence!

Since she came into the music spaces, Pinky has been linked to Jeff Kiwa and TNS crew! Yes its her manager and management team but we need to have a standing Pinky. In the Previous past, one couldn’t talk or write about Pinky without mentioning Jeff Kiwa or TNS! The brands carried more weight more than the artist, we now need to feel Pinky the Artist more before we feel her manager and management.

More Stage Performances & Appearances

For the past over 6 months she’s been in the active music business, many will tell you they have never seen Pinky on Stage! One might say she has probably not started getting bookings but still, part of selling an artist is getting her close to fans on stage. Fans now need to witness other sides of Pinky the artist, bits like her stage power, voice prowess, stage management, vocal power, audience command among other things.

Stage performances will too ensure other factors earlier talked about like Brand identity, Brand Independence aswell as making fans fall for her music the more. Fans love to support artsites who they see in their midst.



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