Chris Evans open up about his Wedding with Songstress Mary Bata


Singer Chris Evans has come out to trash rumors about his supposed wedding with fellow singer Mary Bata. There has been a rumor that the two are soon to carry out the first functions of the traditional introduction very soon and an introduction card has been doing the rounds on social media, but Chris apparently looked as shocked as revelers when he came across it and said says he was shocked to see it online.

He mentioned that he is only friends with Mary Bata and there is no such thing as an introduction between them. He mentioned that they have never even planned this at all. He however left room for her to make her moves as he mentioned that I she wanted to introduce him, then there would be no problem with that at all and he would go willingly.

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“I didn’t know about this occasion. Mary Bata is my friend, if she chooses to introduce me, then I won’t refuse, but we don’t have such plans. I am not romantically involved with her. I don’t want to be embarrassed,” says Chris Evans.

There’s a general feeling that the two planted the rumours as a stunt in form of promotion after releasing their single that was dubbed ‘Tubaale‘. Many musicians have turned to this method of advertising and they include Bruno K and many others.

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We recall the time Bruno K fixed up a fake wedding and tweeted it and he was blasted for promoting his songs in such a crude way. Many Netizens believe that the invitation card did not land on social media by itself but was rather planted by the pair so that they could win public attention for themselves



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