NKWATA BULUNGI: Making sense of Sheebah Karungi’s “Bailamos” Song!


Despite going through a difficult period in her career with a big section of music lovers bashing her latest releases, songstress Sheebah Karungi has continued to release more music for her fans something that still rates her high in the industry.

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Its no secret today that the self proclaimed Queen Karma parted ways with her former manager Jeff Kiwanuka and management TNS- Team No Sleep and is now on her own. Her first single under her own management was titled “Mukama Yamba” and the second single we are shading more light on today is Nkwata Bulungi also known as Bailamos.

Watch Nkwata Bulunji Video here

Penned by one of the lands fastest rising songwriter and fellow artist Kalifah Aganaga, the song (Nkwata Bulunji) was produced and mastered by Producer Nash Wonder and finished with Sheebah’s outstanding vocals with the chorus talking about love and how it makes people feel. In the Afro-beat single, Sheebah potrays her repentant self in the consistent cum primitive ragga instrumentals.


Bailamos is a Spanish word that means Lets Dance, Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias has a song of the same title and it was one of his best and the fans favorite, why then is Sheebah’s Bailamos Song Nkwata Bulungi being bashed by most of the music lovers ? According to a one music critic, the song had production flaws with beats that gave the song a very strong touch of “Kidandali” something that leaves the song devoid of flair, oomph, and presence. The infusion of Spanish on a traditional kidandali beat did not come in good taste.

Nkwata Bulungi (Baliamos) By Sheebah Karungi MP3 Download | Times Uganda
A scene from the Songs Video

Although the song still gives off a club banger aura given the bouncy nature of the instrumental, in a space of just 10 days since its release on Valentines Day, the song has amassed over 200,000 views on YouTube. Many fans are divided that Sheebah can do better than her previous two projects that have received less appreciation, however, Sheebah’s close associate Kalifah Aganaga disclosed the reason as to why fans has detested her music following her break up with former manager Jeff.

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In a story this platform ran, Kalifah said that each time an artist moves on from a management that worked with them while at their peak, issues like these happen because fans become divided with a section supporting the singer and another remaining with the former management or label. In Sheebah’s case, Kalifah reasoned that its a section of Sheebah’s fans that didn’t move on with her and remained with her former management that are trashing her latest projects as her real fans are enjoying it, he added that this is simply a season d it will come to pass because Sheeba is undoubtedly onee of the top female music stars in the land.



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