Big Eye Pleads With Ugandans To Stop Pelting Him With Bottles In New Song


Singer Big Eye has come out to plead with Ugandans to stop pelting him with bottles while he’s on stage. The singer decided to send his message through a song titled Nsaba Bukome.

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Big Eye said that these people who do these things should know that he’s also a Ugandan like them. He, therefore, has the right to live in the country without being intimidated. The Big Music boss added that it’s a pity such people are barring him from working for the betterment of his future. These also hurt his fans who he always comes to perform for.

“I decided to pen this song which is a letter to Ugandans who pelt me with bottles. They should know that they are ruining my future because I’m also a Ugandan looking for something to eat. I hope they will listen to this song and pick up the message because I’m really tired. Things have become tough for me. We haven’t been working and on being reopened, these people are trying to stop me from working for myself. This also hurts my fans in the long run who always yearn to see me perform,” Big Eye said

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It should be noted that the Booked singer was pelted with bottles at Galaxy FM Zzina event. According to Sanyuka TV presenter Kays, Big Eye had never been invited to perform at the show. It’s not the first time that revelers have pelted him with bottles. He faced the same on two occasions before the pandemic that led to the lockdown. Many of his woes stem from his political affiliations to the NRM party.



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