MUSEVENI @ 78: Janet Museveni pens Sweet Message to her Boo!


78 years agoToday, a one Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was born.  42 years after his birth, he became Uganda’s President.

To commemorate his birthday, first Lady Janet Museveni penned down a sweet message to her loving Bae. In the message, posted on her social media attached with their throw back picture, maama Janet thanked God for the qualities he blessed her husband with.

“My prayer for you daily is that God gives you strength, both spiritually and physically, to fulfill your calling.” She added!

Read Full message below!

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LOVE IN THE AIRYoweri & Janet Museveni back in the day

O it is a new day for the one I love! The one God my Father chose for me. The one I thank God for everyday, for making him a pillar in my life. God is truly a good Father, gracious and faithful.

I thank God for the qualities He blessed him with: a kind heart, honest, bold, courageous and dedicated to the things God placed in his heart. Yoweri, my prayer for you daily is that God gives you the strength, both spiritually and physically, to fulfil your calling. It is a high calling indeed, and it demands God’s continual leading if you are to play the role He destined for your life in His big picture of building His kingdom on earth.

Every time a year passes by, it is an opportunity to pause and look back. Whenever I do that I can’t help but remember that time (now soon coming to fifty years – half a century) when we first met as two young people on a mission without a destination. Even then, I believed and could see in my mind’s eye somebody God had given me to hold hands with, and to run life’s race and let the wind blow and be our energy to run on!

By our God’s grace, here we are still running. You are now 78 years old. Oh thank You, Lord. You are truly a good Father and a precious friend. Thank You for Yoweri, my friend, my life’s partner, my husband, the father of my wonderful children – our gifts from you.

Yoweri, happy, happy birthday today. I know God will bless your days and your life as we continue on this our journey! Hongera!




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