Follow Up Meeting between Artistes & Hon. Nobert Mao bears Vision for Arts industry


A follow up meeting was convened on Tuesday afternoon at the Justice Ministry offices aimed at presenting proposals to impose a copyright levy on gadgets that aid copyright infringement as well as to align the revenue sharing formula of Caller Ring Back Tunes ( CRBT’s ). These aspects are meant to be included in the raft of proposed amendments of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act of 2006.

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Hon. Nobert Mao during the meeting with Artistes

In attendance, were all relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies ( MDAs) including: Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development represented by Hon. Peace Mutuuzo, Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Uganda Registration Services Bureau ( URSB ) represented by RG Mercy Kainobwisho and Director IP Gilbert Agaba, Uganda Revenue Authority ( URA ), Uganda Communications Communication ( UCC ), Uganda National Cultural Centre ( UNNC ) represented by ED Francis Ojede, National Council for Higher Education ( NCHE ) among others. Also in attendance were the 3 Collective Management Organizations ( CMO’s ), Uganda Performing Righs Society (UPRS) for music, Uganda Federation of Movie Industries ( UFMI ) for audio visual works and Uganda Righs Reproduction Organization (URRO) for literally works.

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Charles Batambuze making a Presentation on behalf of Artistes

Charles Batambuze, the Vice Chairperson of National Culture Forum, Artistes presented a powerful submission which highlighted that the private copy levy on gadgets is needed to expand the royalty base for artists and creators. In addition that the formula for the sharing of CRBTs should give artists 60% of the gross revenue which is commensurate with the investment in the works. He further proposed that CRBTs are managed under the collecting societies to enable all persons that own copyright or a neighbouring right in a work to receive their benefit.

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Hon. Norbert Mao pledged his Ministry’s commitment to amend the Copyright Act, Under his guidance, a technical adhoc committee was created to prepare a brief with material and recommendations to be presented to the President so he can pronounce himself on fundamental changes in this matter once and for all.

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Hon. Peace Mutuuzo speaking during the meeting

Hon. Peace Regis Mutuzo the State Minister for Gender and Cultural Affairs on her part pledged greater support to the culture and creative industries. She further reiterated the need to bring under one roof, the mandate for culture which is currently scattered in different agencies.

Prior to this meeting a fortnight ago, artistes met Honourable Nobert Mao on On Wednesday 31st August 2022, This meeting followed a petition by the National Culture Forum ( NCF ) on the sharing of Revenue arising out of the Call Ring Back Tunes ( CRBT’s ) and the Copyright Act amendment.

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