#PHOTOS: How its going down on Day 2 of Nyege Nyege Festival


The long awaited and controversial Nyege-Nyege Festival finally kicked off on Thursday with revellers moving to the venue, Itanda Falls in Jinja.

Although Day one was met with weather injustice, it set good pace for the days to come at this festival and by Friday morning, more revelers were flocking Itanda with big expectations of having maximum fun and enjoyments.

IMG 20220916 WA0040

The vibrance of this annual festival that returned this year after a two year hiatus is big online, true to that, the festival has been trending number one on the blue bird app for the past over 24 hours.


With the vibe on ground on day 2, Saturday and Sunday are promising a lot more. Have a glance at what’s happening on Day 2 here. ( Photo Credit: Afro Mobile App )

IMG 20220916 WA0048
IMG 20220916 WA0049
IMG 20220916 WA0047
IMG 20220916 WA0042
IMG 20220916 WA0043
IMG 20220916 WA0038
IMG 20220916 WA0053
IMG 20220916 WA0054


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