MONTH OF RADIO – Spiners to Reproduce exclusive content on the fallen legend


Ugandan music enthusiasts are preparing to embark on the annual celebration known as the “Month of Radio” to commemorate the life and legacy of Moses Nakintijje Sekibogo, popularly known as Mwozey Radio. The talented artist, one half of the renowned Ugandan music duo, left an indelible mark on the country’s music scene for a decade from 2007 to 2018.

This year marks the sixth anniversary of Mwozey Radio’s untimely demise, and the Month of Radio has become a tradition among Ugandan musical lovers. The commemoration, running from mid-January through February, serves as a time to reflect on the contributions of the late artist and celebrate his enduring impact on the nation’s cultural landscape.

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The initiative, spearheaded, content-wise by this platform -SPINERs- a media outlet, gained momentum two years ago when they dedicated a series of stories to honor Mwozey Radio with exclusive content about the fallen legend. Over the past two years, additional facts and insights, derived from further research, have been incorporated to enhance these stories, and SPINERS is ready to reproduce and share these stories once again this year.

This year’s focus is zeroed down to a week –Week of Radio – scheduled to run from Monday, January 15th, to Thursday, January 25th, and is to delve into Mwozey Radio’s multifaceted personality. Each day will be dedicated to exploring different aspects of his life, including Moses the Dad and Lover, Moses the Songwriter and Angel, Moses the Soldier, Moses the Fighter, Moses the Richbwoy, and Moses the Singer.

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Fans and admirers are expected to engage in discussions, share memories, and pay tribute to the late music icon through various social media platforms and organized events. The Month of Radio not only serves as a remembrance of the artist’s musical prowess but also highlights his impact beyond the stage, encompassing his roles as a father, lover, songwriter, soldier, fighter, and philanthropist among many other aspects.


As Uganda braces for this annual celebration, the Month of Radio is poised to be a poignant reminder of Mwozey Radio’s enduring influence on the country’s music scene and a testament to the love and appreciation his fans continue to express years after his passing.



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