MTN Uganda’s marketing brilliance Shines as Uganda hosts NAM and G77+China South Summits


As Uganda hosts the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77 + China Third South Summits, the telecommunications industry has taken center stage in supporting these significant events. In particular, the strategic and comprehensive approach of MTN Uganda in sponsoring and branding the conferences has caught the attention of many, earning accolades from experts in the field.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Digital Marketing and Communications expert – Ian Kiryowa Kabanga commended MTN Uganda for its meticulous planning and execution in ensuring the success of the NAM and G77+China South Summits. A closer look at MTN’s approach reveals its strategic approach, encompassing physical branding, key partnerships, seamless service integration, and effective public engagement.


MTN’s physical branding, stretching from Entebbe Airport to Kampala and leading all the way to the convention center, stands out as a testament to the company’s commitment to making a lasting impression. The visual impact of this branding not only signifies the company’s involvement but also elevates its brand visibility on a grand scale. One of the pillars of MTN’s success in this endeavor is its strategic partnerships. Collaborating with government entities such as the Uganda Communications Commission and Uganda Tourism Board, among others, demonstrates MTN’s commitment to aligning its brand with the broader goals of the nation.

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These partnerships not only enhance the company’s credibility but also contribute to the overall success of the conferences. MTN’s seamless service and product placement throughout the conferences serve to create an immersive experience for delegates. By integrating their products and services seamlessly into the event, MTN ensures that its brand remains top-of-mind among attendees. This approach goes beyond mere sponsorship and actively engages participants in the conference’s success.

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A standout move by MTN was the release of a well-timed statement, strategically executed two days before the event. This calculated decision to communicate their involvement speaks volumes about the company’s understanding of the event’s significance and its determination to be recognized as a major player.

In the same breath, Kabanga contrasts MTN’s approach with that of Airtel Uganda, pointing out perceived shortcomings in Airtel’s strategy. The focus on seemingly insignificant details and a lack of effective communication have, according to the analysis, dampened Airtel’s broader involvement in the conferences.

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As the curtains rise on the NAM and G77+China South Summits in Uganda, the spotlight is undeniably on MTN Uganda. Their strategic execution in branding, partnerships, product integration, and public engagement positions them as a major player in the success of these prestigious events. This case study offers valuable insights for businesses looking to make a significant impact through strategic event sponsorship and marketing.

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