B2C breaks silence on Sharing concert date with Juliana!


For a while now, the famous B2C soldiers have been up and down and doing their best inorder to fulfill everything for their upcoming concert which is slated for 19th August at Freedom City. The musical soldiers announced this concert way back and their fans have been in anticipation as of how the concert will go down in the books of history as a success just like alk the concerts that the B2C boys have been organizing at Freedom City.

To the shock of the singing group as well as their fans, fellow singer Juliana Kanyomozi came out recently to announce the same date as the day she was to hold her maiden concert at Serena Hotel Uganda. There has been a debate as to whether one of the concerts may end up flopping because of being organized on the same day.

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Singer Juliana has not come out to address this issue but the B2C soldiers had something to say about it. As they had an interview with Galaxy FM, they mentioned they were not scared of the little competition that was put before them as they were sure they were going to have a successful concert. Bobby Lash, one of the soldiers went ahead to mention that this was not the first time such a thing happened to them.

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He recalled a time when Swangz Avenue went ahead to announce a concert of Morgan Heritage on the same day that the B2C boys had their concert back in the year 2018. He mentioned that this could be because they have issues with the singers but they still made things happen back then, something they believe they can do once again.

This is not the first time that Swangz Avenue is doing this thing, in 2018, we announced our concert and they went ahead to put Morgan Heritage on that same day, I don’t know if they have issues with us.”  Bobby Lash said.


They went ahead to mention however that they were confident because they served a different fan base and they were quite sure they would not be clashing with Juliana Kanyomozi.

We serve different audiences. We are sure that everyone will get their fans. We are not scared of anything currently.” Julio said 



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