Karole Kasita And Feffe Bussi Relationship Confirmed

Another celebrity relationship in the Ugandan entertainment industry has been confirmed and it’s none other than  singer Karole Kasita and rapper Feffe Bussi. According to leaked audio notes, the two are heard in a series of calls. The two singers in these conversations refer to themselves as ‘babe, honey, darling’ etc.

Listen to their conversation here

In another part of the conversations, the Balance singer is heard asking the Mbozzi ye Gulu rapper if she can come over and spend a night at his place. Feffe Bussi gladly replies that it’s fine for her to come over. According to these conversations, the two have a really good thing going on. Furthermore, Karole asks Feffe in another part of the conversation if he received the Marijuana that she sent him. Feffe Bussi then replies that he didn’t receive it to which Karole says she’s disappointed because her lover didn’t receive her gift.

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In the meantime, Karole seems to be the one putting in the energy in the conversations. At one point of these audios, Karole calls Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena to place a cake order. She’s told that the cakes are over. Zuena then asks her if the cake is for a man or woman to which she gladly says it’s a man.

Whoever listened to my music during the lockdown is pregnant - Karole Kasita

Reports also have it that the two are planning a secret Kukyala ceremony. This will make them start to live as husband and wife soon. The pair has been rumored to be dating for close to a year now.



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