Pastor Jessica Kayanja gifts hubby with 10M on his 60th birthday!


When searching for gifts for loved ones, many come up with material ideas like watches, clothes, perfumes and the like. As Pastor Robert Kayanja was turning 60 on 24th January 2022, he received a gift from his wife that left many jaws dropped.

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Pastor Jessica Kayanja first and foremost on the 23rd of January, the day before her hubby was born, she came in as the preacher of that Sunday Service being that her hubby was a ‘baby‘ at that particular time. Upon preaching, she mentioned that she had asked Pastor Robert Kayanja about the gift to offer him on his birthday and he had requested for the whole church premises to be renovated with pavers. Upon hearing this, the congregation went into a frenzy and were all in favor of the present requested by their pastor. On the day of his birth, pastor Jessica Kayanja gifted her hubby with 10Million UGX which was meant to aid in that church project of the pavers in the church premises. 

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How joyful it was for Pastor Kayanja to receive support from his lovely wife who had always had his back when it came to ministry and fulfilling the work of the Lord. Pastor Jessica Kayanja also went ahead to post on her Facebook a very lovely message for her husband who in turn expressed his gratitude for having a wonderful, supportive, caring and loving angel of a wife.



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