Jowy Landa’s Alleged Move to TNS Sparks Speculation Amid Managerial Silence


Renowned Ugandan songstress Jowy Landa, celebrated for hits like “Nkulina,” “Saba Saba Wire Wire,” “Rolex,” and “Badder” featuring Grenade, has reportedly stirred the waters of the music industry by hinting at a potential shift from DJ Roja’s 7 Star Management to Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep (TNS).

While both DJ Roja and Jeff Kiwa have remained tight-lipped about the rumored transition, the significant attention and backing Landa is purportedly receiving from TNS have sent ripples through the entertainment scene.

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DJ Roja of 7* Management

Jowy Landa’s undeniable talent has always been acknowledged, but her journey to full market penetration has been hindered by various factors, including a lack of robust financial backing. However, the potential move to TNS, under the guidance of music mogul Jeff Kiwa, could mark a turning point in her career trajectory.

Landa, who has gained popularity for her captivating vocals and impressive songwriting skills, has gradually carved her niche in the Ugandan music landscape. However, her challenges in achieving widespread recognition have remained a point of concern.

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Songstress Jowy Landa

Jeff Kiwa, known for his strategic and calculated moves in the industry, is seen as a figure who could provide the necessary financial muscle to elevate Landa’s career to new heights.


In recent times, social media has been abuzz with posts from Jeff Kiwa that appear to indicate a deepening connection with Jowy Landa. Kiwa has been actively sharing Landa’s music and images, hinting at a collaboration that could shake up the music scene. The most recent revelation comes in the form of a video showing Landa and Kiwa in the studio alongside producer Brian Beats, fueling speculation that a joint project is in the works.

Jeff Kiwa, renowned for his preference for action over rhetoric, has not officially announced the purported alliance. DJ Roja, who has been instrumental in Landa’s journey so far, has also maintained silence on the matter, leaving fans and industry insiders curious about the artist’s potential move.

Landa’s track record, coupled with Jeff Kiwa’s proven expertise in artist development, marketing, and brand management, suggests that this collaboration could yield significant results. If the rumors are indeed true, Jowy Landa’s affiliation with Team No Sleep could signify a game-changing chapter in her musical voyage.

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TNS Boss – Jeff Kiwa

As the industry holds its breath for an official statement from either camp, the anticipation surrounding this potential union continues to grow.



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