WE GOOD! Mudra Di Viral Confirms Receiving Payment From Karole Kasita


In a surprising twist, singer Mudra Di Viral has confirmed that he received payment from Karole Kasita, effectively putting to rest the long-standing debts that had loomed over their relationship for years.

In an exclusive conversation with Galaxy FM over the weekend, Mudra shed light on the resolution of the financial matters surrounding his contributions to hit songs like ‘Yaka’ and ‘Mwoto.’

The once tumultuous dynamic between them seems to have taken a positive turn, with Mudra expressing that the air has been cleared and they have managed to bury the hatchet after what felt like eons of disagreements.

Its remebered earlier this year, Mudra, voiced his grievances against Karole Kasita, accusing her of failing to acknowledge his substantial contributions to her musical journey. He cited instances of penning her hit tracks and being met with what he considered a lack of gratitude. He continued to share that his sacrifices to songwriting were not yielding any dividends and forced him to transition from songwriting to singing.

As the past is laid to rest and debts are settled, the music world watches with curiosity to see what the future holds for these two talents. The chapter of misunderstandings seems to have closed, leaving room for potential new melodies to be written.



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