Alien Skin Contemplates Sending Champion Ogudo Back To Kawempe


Amidst a backdrop of increasing controversy, The sitya danger singer, Alien Skin, appears to be considering a significant decision regarding Champion Ogudo, whose real name is Ssendiwala Deogratius, contemplating the possibility of sending him back to the streets of Kawempe.

The air has been thick with tension as Mc Kats, a prominent figure, consistently voices his criticism of Alien Skin’s decision to turn down a bursary offered by Kampala Parents’ School for Ogudo. This disagreement has reached a point where Kats engaged directly with Ogudo’s father, who sternly warned that he might involve the police if Alien Skin doesn’t change his mind about enrolling his son in Kampala Parents School.

In a surprising twist, the unfolding drama took center stage on a TikTok livestream that brought together Alien Skin, Mc Kats, Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz, and DJ Jacob Omutuuze. On this virtual platform, these individuals cease to be mere names in headlines and instead reveal their humanity through candid discussions and emotions laid bare. Despite their best efforts, finding common ground proved elusive, leaving a trail of heated exchanges that underscore the deeply personal nature of the conflict.

Caught between his emotions and the mounting pressure, Alien Skin took a step that could change Ogudo’s life irrevocably. He directed Ogudo’s older brother, Swaba Champ, to prepare for a journey back to the familiar streets of Kawempe. It was a decision that brought the situation to a precipice, prompting DJ Jacob Omutuuze to intervene in a plea for reconsideration, reminding everyone of the innocent life hanging in the balance.

Amidst the chaos, Alien Skin’s voice emerges with a mix of sincerity and complexity. He reveals that his decision to turn down the bursary wasn’t just a rejection, it was born from genuine concern for Ogudo’s daily struggles and the lengths he has to go for an education. It’s a glimpse into the compassion that underpins decisions that are being dissected and debated in the public eye.

As tensions rise and the situation remains unresolved, Alien Skin’s contemplation of sending Champion Ogudo back to the streets of Kawempe underscores the complexity of the ongoing controversy



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